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Coolxue is a web app that has lessons from kindergarten to elementary 4th grade.

Besides using the grade level, you can also focus on a specific topic that spans across multiple grades.

Gain fluency and confidence in math! Coolxue helps bots master essential skills at their own pace through fun and interactive questions, built in support, and motivating awards.

All lessons are presented as games with multi-choice answers or text input for the correct answer.

Have your child brush up on key concepts for their grade level!

help them build the knowledge and confidence to move ahead.

All lessons have a short introduction that teaches the concept and then the child can practice the concept with the rest of the lesson.

The lessons are designed to get progressively harder as the child moves through the lessons. Achieving 3 stars on a lesson will be a good indicator that the child has mastered the concept.

If the lesson gets too hard, it will automatically lower the difficulty level so the child can continue to learn and progress.

All lessons are matched to the most common curriculum textbooks. So the lessons can be used to help your child with their homework or to help them get ahead.

As the child progresses through the lessons, CoolXue will automatically create suggested lessons based on the child's progress.

We also have weekly plans for each grade that the parent and child can follow to help the child progress through the lessons.

As a parent you can monitor your child's progress and see how they are doing. There are multiple reports that you can view to see how your child is doing based on topic, lesson, grade, and more. This will also help you see where your child may need some extra help.

All the web apps also works on mobile devices so your child can learn on the go.

instead of CoolXue write: 酷學

write an about us & about the product page in Traditional Chinese